Japanese Indie Fighter Ultra Fight Da Kyanta 2 Makes a Splash at Evo

Published: August 4, 2019 1:17 PM /


ultra fight da kyanta 2

Evo 2019 features a wide variety of fighting games, including Super Smash Bros UltimateTekken 7, and Blazblue. However, a Japanese indie fighting game called Ultra Fight Da Kyanta 2 has also made an appearance among the more well-known titles.

Here comes a new challenger

Ultra Fight Da Kyanta 2 is a 2d fighting game made by 'Haramaself,' also known as Suzuki Katsunari. He has a wide portfolio of music, art, and indie games, each touching upon a variety of aesthetic styles. The game itself is a lot like most 2d fighting games, with two teams of up to three characters fighting each other. However, what makes the game stick out is its low skill gate and outlandish aesthetic. The bizarre character designs and sound effects made using Haramaself's own voice add to the strange variety of characters. Some of the fighters include the alcoholic pigman Spike, Taro the dog, and Hisomi, a girl with a parasitic creature on her head. As for mechanics, the gameplay is relatively simple, with all actions being one-button affairs with no quarter-circle motions or the like.

However, underlying the simple control scheme and MSPaint-esque aesthetic is tight gameplay and a solid fighting game system. Every character in the game has a nasty attack or setup that can wreck your opponent. For instance, cat lady Jakor has a super move that is unblockable and paralyzes foes hit by it. Combined with the "type" system, which lets players give a character a bonus or change how they operate, it makes Ultra Fight Da Kyanta 2 more matchup-focused instead of having a solid tier list. When telling Kotaku about it, fighting game player and commentator Matt "MiniMatt" Leher remarked that "If anyone doesn’t download it and give it a try, they are doing themselves a disservice. It’s unbelievable that one dude making this wack MSPaint game actually did a better job of making it easy and accessible for new players than any other fighting game at this point."

Ultra Fight Da Kyanta 2 is available for free on Steam.



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