January PS Plus Games Feature Sharks, Tombs, and an RPG

Published: December 30, 2020 2:15 PM /


January PS Plus Games

Sony has announced the January PlayStation Plus games that will be available to subscribers. The January PS Plus games will be available starting January 5th, with two of them for PlayStation 4 (and PS5 backward compatibility), and one game for PlayStation 5 subscribers.

January PlayStation Plus PS5 Game

PlayStation 5 players will get access to all three games, but the game available only to PlayStation 5 players will be the Shark Open Sea ARPG Maneater by Tripwire Interactive - the folks who brought you Killing Floor. In this game, you play as a shark, starting as a pup and grow as you become an apex predator fearsome enough to star in movies by mention and get a dedicated week on the discovery channel. This game has been updated for PS5, with ray tracing, and a variety of visual goodies to take advantage of the new hardware. If you already have a save or trophies in the PS4 version of Maneater be aware that none of it will carry over to the PS5 edition of the game.

January PlayStation Plus PS4 Games

For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 gamers, there are two games available as part of PS Plus in January. The first is the Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which brings this Tomb Raider trilogy to a conclusion, as Lara Croft heads to South America as you attempt to avert Roland Emerich's 2012 from becoming reality - by which I mean stopping a Mayan apocalypse. Lara Croft's biggest adventure will await PS Plus subscribers in January.

The final game is Spiders latest RPG, Greedfall. Arrive on a remote island full of wondrous magic, creatures, and factions to interact with. Help shape the fate of the island by who you align with, and what decisions you make.

And that's it for the January PlayStation Plus games. As a reminder, these games will become available on January 5th for subscribers, and stay available to add to your account through February 1st. Until January 1, the December PlayStation Plus games are still available to add to your account