Jagged Alliance 3 Arsenal Trailer Shows Off Guns, Lots Of Guns

Published: July 5, 2023 10:01 AM /


A group of mercenaries standing around with various weapons in the new Jagged Alliance 3 Arsenal trailer

If you're worried Jagged Alliance 3 won't give you plenty of tools to take down your enemies, you needn't be. A new Jagged Alliance 3 trailer, simply titled the Arsenal Trailer, is showing off all the different guns your mercs can use in the game, and it's safe to say you'll have the chance to be well-equipped for any situation.

Over the course of your extensive Jagged Alliance 3 campaign, you'll be hiring mercenaries and tending to their needs, but you'll also need to equip them with ordnance. In the new trailer, we get a look at various different categories of weapons in the game, including shotguns, SMGs, pistols, and more.

Each weapon has a different set of stats, making them ideal for different situations, and even weapons within the same class don't share stats. For instance, an M1014 shotgun kicks out more damage than an open-bolt AA12, and has a greater range as well, meaning it's better for both mid-range and short-range engagements.

It's not just small arms, of course. The trailer also gives us a look at C4 plastic explosives, which can be deployed at choke points to stop enemies from breaching gaps in walls, for instance. Heavier weapons like the MGL grenade launcher and the RPG-7 rocket launcher are also shown off, so you won't just be firing potshots; you can get some serious explosive power on your side when you need it.

Jagged Alliance 3 launches for PC on July 14th. It is, believe it or not, the third mainline installment in the Jagged Alliance series of tactical RPGs, and it sees you chasing after the kidnapped president of the nation of Grand Chien. To rescue him, you'll have to hire a ragtag band of mercenaries, pulling from a diverse cast of characters with unique skills, strengths and weaknesses, and quirks. It's got the involvement of original series creator Ian Currie, too, so you know it'll be true to his vision.


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