Jagex Study Reveals 7 Percent Of Gamers Play While Naked

Published: February 22, 2021 11:54 AM /


A woman gaming at home, something Jagex says many of us are doing more of

A new study by RuneScape developer Jagex has revealed some interesting information about the way gamers' habits have changed during the pandemic. This includes whether or not gamers are spending more time gaming during the pandemic, as well as clothing worn, food eaten, and more.

What does the Jagex study tell us about gaming habits?

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Jagex found that around 49% of gamers say they now game more than they used to (the study is based on self-report data). That's less than you might think given how the pandemic appears to have left many of us with more free time. 15% of gamers play during "standard working hours" - i.e. 8am - 4pm - but only 8% admitted to gaming while they should be working. 25% of gamers say their habits haven't changed at all during lockdown, while 5% say they game less. It's worth noting this is a study conducted on British gamers, so you may see some particularly British habits reflected here.


The 2020 game Doom Eternal, which 7% of the gamers Jagex surveyed may have played naked
There is no bigger power move than playing 2020 games like Doom Eternal completely naked.

The study also revealed some rather amusing tidbits of information regarding gaming habits. 52.5% of gamers play in their bedrooms, while only 3.5% of gamers fulfil the old-school stereotype of gaming in the basement. Around 43% of gamers game while in their PJs or loungewear, and 7% of gamers admitted to playing entirely in the nude. 30% of gamers still dress in T-shirt and jeans while they're gaming.

What do gamers like to eat while they game?

According to the Jagex survey, 37% of gamers don't eat at all while they game, while 21% eat only home-cooked food or meals. Only around 10% consume potato chips or pizza, with 5% each consuming chocolate and sweets. It seems the gamer scoffing Doritos is another outmoded stereotype. Drinks-wise, gamers choose to hydrate with water first. Naturally, this being a study on Brits, tea or coffee is the next most popular beverage at 14%, with sodas following at 9%.

There's also some info regarding favorite merch in the Jagex study. Gamers most regularly pick up posters and art of their favorite games, but Jagex found that merch was skewed along gender lines. Male gamers preferred the aforementioned art, while female gamers were more likely to pick up soft toys. 19% of gamers favor listening to electronic music while gaming, with 14% enjoying rock and 11% listening to podcasts. Next time you fire up Euro Truck Simulator and slap on your favorite podcast, you needn't feel so alone. Unfortunately, as far as we can tell, the full Jagex survey isn't available to the public, but there are some interesting stats here nonetheless.

It's been a somewhat curious few months for Jagex, the company undertaking the survey. In January this year, it was revealed that Jagex's latest sale to US investment firm The Carlyle Group was being disputed by Plutos Sama, who believed they had a claim to ownership. Despite this legal controversy, earlier this month, Jagex revealed that it's working on a project with Shadow Warrior developer Flying Wild Hog. Let's hope they're not developing that one entirely in the nude.

Do you game more or less than before the pandemic? Let us know in the comments below (we don't want to know if you game naked)!



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