The Jackbox Party Pack 4 Announced With Fibbage 3

Published: April 24, 2017 7:12 PM /


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If you’ve been looking to grab a game for some couch gaming, you may have already had your eye on the Jackbox franchise. This bundle includes a bunch of different games designed to be played with multiple people present in the same room. Players don’t have to use a controller, with the game instead requiring you to log in to a specific website on your phone or tablet’s browser. Doing this turns your telephone into the controller. You’ll use your phone to write or draw answers, removing the needs for having a stern talk with the rest of the group about watching each other’s part of the screen.

The announcement, much like the actual game, is as lighthearted as you would expect from a game centering mostly around screwing with your friends:

“Here at Jackbox games, we try to be unpredictable. Sure, every entry in our critically-acclaimed series of party game collections has included the words “The Jackbox Party Pack,” but each one has a completely different number at the end. So, when we decided to make a new one this year, we rolled our twenty-sided die as usual. It landed on two, but we did that one already. So, after nine more re-rolls, we are excited to announce The Jackbox Party Pack 4, coming to major digital marketplaces this Fall!”
The Jackbox Party Pack 4 includes the third installment of Fibbage, a game centering around obscure facts in a variety of different categories.
“If you’ve played the prequels, you’ll know the joy of fooling your friends with your clever lies, while hunting for the real answers to ridiculous trivia questions. And if you haven’t, there’s plenty of time! The new one won’t be out for months!”
Fibbage 3 Layout A new addition to one of the franchise’s mainstay games is that an audience of up to 100 people can tune in via a stream, and they also get to vote on the potential correct answers which they have to pick out of a group of words that include made-up answers by other people playing with you. If you manage to deceive the audience, you’ll be awarded more points.

Jackbox Games will reveal the other games in the coming months before the game’s official release in the fall.

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