IXION Release Date Announced

Published: August 24, 2022 1:53 PM /


Ixion Header image, where we see an character in a spacesuit floating in the vast expanse of space just outside of the Tiqqun space station, IXION Release Date

It is almost time to get our spacesuits on and find a new home planet. The IXION release date has finally been announced and on November 16, 2022, we will be able to journey through space to find a host planet and build a habitable sci-fi world of our very own.

You are now the Administrator in charge of the Tiqqun space station, and it is your job to find a livable home within the caverns of space in order to save the human race. Using your strongest of thinking caps, you will need to maintain the space station, and keep it flying both safely and soundly as you traverse the vast and dark unknown that is space. You will need to harvest resources to keep those aboard alive, make sure you aren't siphoning too much power, and ensure you always have your defenses up. Who knows what could be hiding away in the dark out there, so be prepared for anything at all times. 

Ixion gameplay image of the inner workings of the Tiqqun space station, where we see a spacecraft aboard the ship. IXION release date

As you travel, you will look for survivors to add to your crew. The more the merrier when you are trying to rebuild what is left of mankind and society, right? There are six total sectors within your space station to unlock, which allows you to take on even more inhabitants and give them meaningful work to do as you soar through the expanse. Keeping those aboard happy and healthy will not be an easy feat. You must provide them with both basic and upscale necessities by upgrading and changing your space station for the better. Construct bigger and better buildings, scour for resources whenever you have the chance, and keep tabs on the hull of the ship. 

Space is scary, and it is your job -- your sole purpose in life -- to survive. IXION is set to release on November 16, 2022, on PC via Steam.

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