Inti Creates Announces Gal*Gun 2

Published: September 19, 2017 10:20 AM /


Gal Gun 2 - Logo (WHITE BG)

If you asked me before June of last year if we would see Gal*Gun in the west, I'd tell you a no but that answer sure did not hold up, with not one, but two titles bearing the name coming westward: Gal*Gun Double Peace and Gal*Gun VR. Inti Creates has not lost steam with the recent Gal*Gun blitz they have been pushing in the West. Today, Inti Creates announced Gal*Gun 2 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, fully intent on bringing even more of the cheeky and completely irreverent style of Gal*Gun with new game mechanics.

02 New Characters1
The demon hunting angel Risu, and one of the heroines, Chiru

Gal*Gun 2 does not stray too far from the premise of the other Gal*Gun titles. You enter the shoes of a hapless protagonist to be hit by the angelic power of a cupid's arrow, making him irresistible to members of the fairer sex, while also allowing him to see angels and demons.

01 Pheromone Shot
Much like the other Gal*Gun titles, you fend off the other girls with your Pheromone Shot, incapacitating them with euphoria.

This time our hapless protagonist is joining forces with the demon hunting angel Risu as he helps her out of the bind she's gotten herself into. All the while, the protagonist chases after the hand of one of two heroines, his childhood friend Nanako, and the "girl next door" type, Chiru.  Naturally, the other girls at school will not permit our protagonist to get away with the other heroines and will do what they can to make sure they're the one, sending him love letters and shouts of adulation. This is where the handy Pheromone Shot comes in, where the protagonist can safely incapacitate his suitors with euphoria.

01 2Pheromone Shot
Is it a bad thing that I know the names of these girls from playing the other Gal*Gun games? I'm going to go with no, just because.

The gameplay around Gal*Gun 2 appears to revolve around fulfilling the requests of other girls on campus, who are unaware that they're about to be the victim of demonic mischief. During these requests, you fend off waves of other girls with the Pheromone Shot. When the new protagonist encounters demons possessing aforementioned girls, he must use the Demon Sweeper vacuum, introduced in Gal*Gun VR, to suck them up - with Inti Creates also hinting that you might find...other things to suck up (seriously though, they did not specify in the press release).

All the action in Gal*Gun 2 centers around requests from your female schoolmates. So far, it's safe to say that you will find several areas familiar if you played Double Peace or Gal*Gun VR.

Unlike previous entries that take place over a single day, Gal*Gun 2 appears to take place over a longer period of time, where you manage your time with each girl's request, unlocking new events with the heroines, or new missions depending on the amount of demon-busting points you acquire for your deeds.

04Demon Sweeper
The Demon Sweeper will be back, and it might just suck up other things too, but it sure makes a lot of wind.

Oh, and Doki Doki Mode is back, but any "improvements" to it have not yet been made public.

05DokiDoki Mode
It's baaaack.

The scant details though probably won't remain scant for too long as Inti Creates will be demoing Gal*Gun 2 at Tokyo Game Show this week.

02 New Characters2
Nanako serves as the other main heroine and childhood friend to the protagonist, while Kurona, well, who else would cause chaos at Sakurazaki Academy?

Gal*Gun 2 is currently slated for release this coming Winter.

Are you looking forward to more pheromone shot powered antics?  Let us know below!



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