Internet Sensation Ikumi Nakamura is Leaving Ghostwire: Tokyo Developer Tango Gameworks

Published: September 5, 2019 4:00 PM /


ikumi nakamura leaving

Breakout Internet sensation Ikumi Nakamura has announced that she is leaving Tango, the developer behind the upcoming game Ghostwire: Tokyo. Although Ikumi Nakamura leaving Tango may disappoint some fans, she's optimistic about her prospects and speaks of a desire to tour other game development studios.

"After 9 years as Creative director & Art Director at Tango and Zenimax - I felt here is one of ends of the journeys," Ms. Nakamura said on her Twitter account. "I learned from the talented people I've worked with and I respect."


Ikumi Nakamura Leaving Tango — "My new job is IKUMI NAKAMURA"

Fan response to her announcement on Twitter has been positive, and many people had questions. One asked her if she would be staying in Japan, but it seems that Ms. Nakamura has a bit of wanderlust.

"I want to see the world!!," she said on her Twitter. "I want to visit @4AGames!" If that name doesn't ring a bell, 4A Games is the developer behind the Metro franchise of games, the latest of which was Metro: Exodus.

She's also been quite clear that she isn't going to be immediately going to work for a new studio, stating on her Twitter that her new job is "IKUMI NAKAMURA" — stating in a rather roundabout way that she currently only works for herself.

No one can say for sure where the winds will take Ikumi Nakamura now that she's leaving Tango Gameworks. Wherever she happens to land, she's sure to be an asset after nearly a decade of working on spooky games. You can watch the E3 2019 presentation that made the Internet fall in love with Ikumi Nakamura below (starting at 20:06).

What do you think of Ikumi Nakamura leaving Tango Gameworks? Where do you think she will go to work next? Let us know in the comments below!



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