Intellivision Shares Stylish Amico Gameplay Montage

Published: March 18, 2020 7:30 AM /


Amico Gameplay Montage

With the 2020 future of the next generation of Xbox and PlayStation up in the air, we must remember that they're not the only new consoles looking to hit the market. Intellivision has returned from gaming's early history, and they hope to bring out the Amico, a console aimed at casual players and families rather than hardcore gamers.

In order to attract them, Intellivision has promised a load of modern takes on their classic titles. Before today, we didn't know what that would look like, but a recent trailer showcases a number of titles you'll probably be able to play at some point this year. Maybe.

Intellivision put out this gameplay trailer to advertise a new VIP Pre-Order period, which is coming at the end of March. Buyers can choose between three different colors, and pre-orders come with coupons for the digital game store and merch store, a signed trading card, and three digital soundtracks. If you're convinced by what you've seen, you can pick up a console for $250 in a few weeks, or $280 if you're looking for some sweet Vintage Woodgrain.

Quick Take

Intellivision has previewed an interesting collection of games, with some looking ready to go and others looking pretty early. There's a huge range in visual styles, and you can tell that there's been a serious investment in these titles even if their gameplay harkens back to simpler times. There are even a few moments that show off the Amico's unique tech, like the cell phone rolling dice onto a computer monitor. Even though I'm not in the target audience, I remain very intrigued as to what the machine can do, and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on it.

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