Intellivision Amico Demo Reinvisions Moon Patrol This December

Published: November 29, 2019 8:00 AM /


Intellivision Amico AR

An Intellivision Amico AR demo has been announced for this revived console brand. With a brand-new, modern system on the way, the folks are stepping things up for the Intellivision Amico with some neat augmented reality games to supplement the more traditional type.

What is the Intellivision Amico?

The Intellivision Amico is a trapezoidal console with two controllers that look more like iPod Touches than controllers. They might seem strange, but they're based on the design of the original Intellivision's controllers which basically consisted of a numeric keypad and a touch wheel.

Now, the people behind this product are spiffing it up for the modern era, making the controllers wireless and adding touch screens. And let's not forget the sweet LED lighting that they added just because they can.

Primarily, this is going to be a console that makes use of flat screens, focusing on cheap, family-friendly games that reimagine the classics of the original Intellivision's era (and probably mixing in some new stuff, too).

Intellivision Amico AR

Moon Patrol: The Milky Way Chronicles The Intellivision Amico game

Coming to the Intellivision Amico is Moon Patrol: The Milky Way Chronicles, a re-imagining of a game that probably won't be all that familiar to anyone under the age of 35 unless their parents had a really old game console laying around.

A short augmented-reality demo of this Moon Patrol will be arriving on December 3, 2019, for Intellivision's 40th anniversary. Players will have to grab the Amico AR app, point it at an Amico logo on a t-shirt, and then they'll be able to get to playing the game right on said t-shirt using AR. Of course, the app will let you play the demo completely on its own as a standalone game, too; this is all ultimately leading up towards the launch of the game for the Intellivision Amico itself, which the original 

Regrettably, we didn't get any look at gameplay, but we can look at the original game to get a feel for what they're going for:

Alternatively, you can go give it a try at the Internet Archives in their Internet Arcade section.

It should be noted that the finished product of Moon Patrol: The Milky Way Chronicles will not be an AR game unto itself; this is simply a short AR demo of the same gameplay that you'll be able to play in the regular-style finished product at launch when it releases in October next year.

It'll be interesting to see how this is translated into an AR experience! You'll be able to play the Intellivision Amico AR game Moon Patrol on December 3, 2019. In the meantime, you can swing by the console's official website.

What do you think of the Intellivision Amico AR demo of Moon Patrol? What about the idea of using AR to demo an upcoming game? Do you think this console will be able to find a market? Let us know in the comments below!

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