Infinite Crisis Servers Closing August 14th, 2015

Published: June 3, 2015 2:10 AM /



Infinite Crisis developer Turbine, Inc. announced earlier yesterday that all development has ceased and the servers will be shutting down August 14th, 2015. This follows after less than a two-month courtship with Steam, having released on the popular platform on March 26th. Infinite Crisis, the DC-themed MOBA featuring staple heroes and villains from multiple timelines, joins a growing graveyard of recently killed MOBA's alongside Dawngate and Chaos Heroes Online. 

Almost directly in step with League of LegendsInfinite Crisis featured a business model with individual hero pricing, non-purchasable runes, and various skins. No official comment has been made as to why the game was terminated in its brief life cycle, but an educated guess would be that it failed to meet expectations in either sales or execution. Thankfully, those who invested in Infinite Crisis are urged by the developer to seek a refund through Steam, which will be promptly granted.

With consumer concerns assuaged, that leaves the looming question of whether this will impact the staff at Turbine, Inc. Parent company Warner Bros. announced several mobile games earlier this year, two of which are being developed by Turbine: Batman: Arkham Underworld and an untitled Game of Thrones strategy game. Here are some parting words from the development team to the community:

This was an extremely difficult decision to make. On behalf of the entire Infinite Crisis team we want to thank all of you for your feedback, support and for joining together to create one of the best communities in gaming.
With years of development spent on Infinite Crisis now forfeit, it's difficult to forecast what's next for Turbine, Inc. Large projects like Infinite Crisis failing tend to herald waves of restructuring and shareholder appeasement. Whether or not Turbine, Inc.'s current development schedule is indicative of a paradigm shift in which they turn from AAA development to the mobile market will only demystify with the passage of time.
What do you think about the end of Infinite Crisis? Did you enjoy the game? What do you think were its strong points? Its failings? Do you think it was a victim of over-saturation of the genre? Tell me what you think below, and feel free to follow me on Twitter @StuartLBurns as well as @TechRaptr. 


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