Inferno Replaces Dust 2 in the CSGO Active Duty map Pool

Published: February 6, 2017 4:32 PM /



Dust 2 was removed from the active duty map pool and replaced by the Inferno on Feb. 3, according to a blog released on the Counter Strike: Global Offensive website. Dust 2 will be retooled during the next few months before being reintroduced to the active duty pool.

Dust 2 is the sixth map to be rotated out for updates following the likes of Cobblestone, Overpass, Train, Nuke and Inferno. It hasn't seen a map overhaul since the game was released, but that didn't stop some in the Counter Strike: Global Offensive community from criticizing prioritizing Dust 2's update over the flaws still present on the already reworked, and since touched up, Cobblestone.

Cobblestone's B site is extremely difficult to defend as the counter-terrorist side, no matter the round. Watching the drop down zone, connector and the platform amid a wall of smokes execute is a nightmare for any team not playing a four man stack on B. Even the addition of the staircase to CT side platform hasn't changed much, as two offensive Molotov's take total control of the platform from the defense. Dust 2's B site is undoubtedly easier to defend, but you can die as a counter-terrorist before you even make it to the site to set up your defense. The terrorist side spawns facing a pair of open double doors that any counter-terrorists hoping to defend B site must run behind. As a CT playing B site, you may play every round with less than 30 health thanks to hotshot snipers or cheeky pre-aimed spots on the doors.

Regardless, Dust 2 will be phased out of competitive play at tournaments and its spot will be usurped by the rebalanced Inferno. Players have had their hands on "Infernew" since October 2016, but it is scheduled to make its big-boy tournament debut at the DreamHack Masters Las Vegas tournament, which starts Feb. 15 and ends on the 19. $450,000 is on the line for 16 teams, with the top 12 best teams in the world attending according to rankings.

Inferno left the active map pool for about half a year before returning, so players should get comfy deathmatch-ing on maps other than de_Dust 2 for a while.

What map would you like to see rebalanced next? Are Cobble and Nuke still in need of fixes, or is it time to move to Mirage and Cache? Let me know in the comments below.

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