Infamous FMV Game Night Trap Getting a 25th Anniversary Re-release

Published: August 10, 2017 8:41 PM /


Night Trap Screenshot 25th Anniversary Edition Sega Screen

Night Trap, the infamous Sega FMV game that was used as a catalyst for the creation of the ESRB, is getting a limited 25th anniversary re-release.

The game, originally released in 1992 for the Sega CD, was criticized heavily at the time for not only it's poor FMV gameplay and cornball, B-movie acting, but its "gratuitous" violence, which featured vampires stalking teenagers at a slumber party, made the game infamous with mainstream attention.

Night Trap would be used as a key example during the United States 1993 Senate hearings on violence in video games, with the likes of U.S Senator Joseph Lieberman, among others, characterizing the game as ultra violent, sick and disgusting. Night Trap, along with other "violent" games at the time, would lead to the formation of the ESRB video game ratings system in 1994.

Despite all of this, Night Trap would go on to sell close to a million units, and has since turned into a cult classic. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the game Sega will re-release the game, which has been rebuilt from the ground up and remastered to offer "DVD quality" video footage. Additional features were also added to the re-release, including deleted scenes, production stills and a concept art gallery, a theater mode to watch all the games cutscenes, and a new "survivor" mode with randomized gameplay and online functionality in the form of leaderboards.

In addition to all of these bonuses, the original prototype of Night Trap, titled Scene of the Crime, will also be released to the public for the first time.

A limited run of the game in physical form will be available for the PC and the PlayStation 4, at Limited Run Games starting August 11th. There will be three versions available:

Standard Edition (PlayStation 4)

  • Limited to 5,000 copies worldwide.
  • Region-free.
  • Includes full-color manual, large fold-out poster, reversible cover art.
  • Available exclusively from Limited Run Games, $29.99.
Standard Edition (PC)
  • Limited to 2,000 copies worldwide.
  • Region-free.
  • Includes a large fold-out poster.
  • On a DRM-free disc for Windows PCs.
  • Packaged in an individually numbered big box.
  • Purchase price includes a digital download.
  • Available exclusively from Limited Run Games, $34.99.
Collector’s Edition (PlayStation 4)
  • Limited to 3,000 copies worldwide.
  • Region-free.
  • Includes full-color manual, large fold-out poster, reversible cover art, cassette tape featuring theme song, 4-inch custom embroidered Special Control Attack Team patch on black ballistic fiber.
  • Individually numbered shrink-wrapped box specially tailored to be a throwback to the original red box Sega CD release.
  • Available exclusively from Limited Run Games, $54.99.
In addition to this, a Digital version of the game will be available on PC and the PlayStation 4 on August 15th, at $14.99. An Xbox One version will be released in the fall.

What are your thoughts on Night Trap? Thinking about picking up a piece of history? Leave your comments below. 

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