Indy PopCon 2016 - Spacecats In Space!

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Indy PopCon 2016 SpaceCats in Space

Imagine an alternative galaxy/universe in which the struggle between dogs and cats has evolved beyond just chasing each other ... out into the stars themselves. Cats and dogs, locked in a struggle akin to our World War II, with the dogs representing the Axis and the cats representing the Allies. A twin-stick shooter that is the opposite of bullet hell, because instead of dodging the bullets, you’re shooting them. That’s Spacecats in Space!

We had a chance to get our hands on the demo at Indy PopCon and (while I struggle a bit) the game is a fun twin stick shooter that mixes reverse-bullet hell shooting with ship upgrades and a World War II Nazi-esque plot that pits cats against dogs. The art style and execution is awesome, and the fact that every choice you make between missions can impact your game for better or worse makes every game play different each time. Plus, the theme song is unbelievably catchy!

We did a great interview with the team at Indy PopCon at their booth, ears and all, to talk about the development of the game, art design, and where the inspiration for Spacecats in Space came from—check it out below:

The team at Robotic Potato is really paw-ssionate about what they’re making, and they are hoping that the Kickstarter they plan to launch will be successful enough to help them develop the game in full for their backers and other gamers too. While they don’t have an official date for the Kickstarter, they’re aiming for Fall or later in 2016, with a number of bonuses and stretch goals for backers.

If you want to check out the game and find out more, you can visit the Spacecats In Space website, or follow them on twitter via @Robotic_Potato and @SpaceCatsNow.

Update: The Spacecats in Space Kickstarter is live!

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