Indie Game Lake Follows A Small Town Mailperson

Published: June 13, 2020 12:31 PM /


a mailperson and two friends around a campfire with an RV in the back

Announced at the Guerrilla Collective's indie game showcase, Lake is a brand new game about delivering mail in a small town. Taking place in the year 1986, you play as a middle-aged woman named Meredith Weiss as she decides to take a break from her career and return to her small town of Providence Oaks. While there she decides to take up a job in mail delivery, where she slowly gets to know the quirky residents that have now started living there during her three week vacation.

Lake will be a unique adventure game, mixing together elements of both classic point-and-click puzzles, modern narrative, open-world driving. The story will be intimately focused, dealing with slice-of-life themes and complex moral decisions. There are no binary right and wrong answers here. Depending on how you answer the questions will shape Meredith's story and how it will lead to one of three different endings.

Lake is a game that doesn't believe in mistakes, nor does it want you consulting a guide for the outcome you want. At any point, after you have made a certain decision, if you are worried that what you have set into motion isn't what you intended, you can take another chance at it. The people of Providence Oaks are an easygoing lot, and the serene nature of its lake and its people means you will feel pressured to commit to something you didn't entirely intend.

Since the mission statement of developer Gamious is about stress-free experiences for anxious or nervous players, it appears that they are staying fantastically on-brand with Lake. Their past projects include the magical girl-themed co-op schmup, Star-Crossed, a hipster management sim called Beans: The Coffee Shop Simulator and the curious investigative mystery Evan's Remains.

Lake is scheduled for a late 2020 release on Steam.

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