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In Vitra, an Indie JRPG from German Devs Releasing on PC

Published: March 21, 2017 1:15 PM



Old school style JRPG In Vitra is launching on PC March 24th. German indie developer  bumblebee (GhostControl Inc., Oh My Gore!) and publisher rokapublish GmbH ( Book of Legends, AsguaardMoonchild) have already released a demo of the game available on Steam and the full release is coming soon. Enter the world of Vitra and search for the truth.


The game is set in the fantasy world of Vitra where after years of being beset by monsters peace has finally fallen over the land. That is until a terrible plague sweeps over Vitra striking the protagonist Noa’s grandmother ill. He and his companions, his best friend Luke, the pharmacist's daughter Lee-Belle and young priestess Billa, decide to trace the plague back to its source in order to cure the devastating disease and rid it from their world. Yet, their medical research turns into an epic quest that will delve into Vitra’s dark past. The four heroes will have their perception of truth challenged as they are embroiled in a mystery full of lies and a big secret.

This traditional top down JRPG has puzzle solving, enemy encounters and menu based combat. Battle will also be turn based with a tier system full of many spells and skills for players to learn. Encounter the lovingly designed creatures In Vitra has to offer as you explore the darker parts of the world.


In Vitra

Featuring an intriguing mystery plot in a fantasy setting, there are 15 hours of JRPG gameplay to enjoy with an original soundtrack to accompany it. Get a free Steam key by liking the game’s Facebook page and sharing the promotional giveaway post for a chance to be one of 5 winners. In Vitra will release on Steam for PC March 24, 2017, at $7.99. The game will be available in English and German.


Are you interested in In Vitra? Do older styled JRPGs with turn-based combat have nostalgia for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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