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Published: June 16, 2020 12:41 PM /


In Death: Unchained title

During the Upload VR showcase today, Superbright revealed their new VR title In Death: Unchained

Superbright includes developers who have worked on Cyberpunk 2077, Dying Light and Dead Island, a pedigree list you may be interested in.

In any case, what they are working on now is a rogue-lite action VR game that takes place in a medieval fantasy rendering of heaven, hell, and purgatory. You use bows and crossbows to take out legions of "forsaken souls" - both demons and angels. Ever wanted to wield a VR shield? You can do that too to block the arrows being shot at you

But you won't just shoot the same standard arrows the whole game. You can upgrade your outfit with special arrow types, gained from pickups or by looting enemies. Reliquaries in each level will also allow you to power up your special arrows.

Given it's a rogue-lite, the levels and monster placement are procedurally generated and will change each time you begin a new run. Beyond procedural generation, the developers note that there are also modifiers based on each prior run that will make the next one different.

Environments includes dark cathedrals, foggy castles, and other gloomy locales you'd expect from such a theme. 

Built for the Oculus Quest, the game is meant to be played without being tied by chord to a PC. As you move around freely, just be sure not to knock over cherished household vases and such.

In Death: Unchained will be coming at the end of July 2020 to the Oculus Quest. If you want to get a taste of the VR-driven rogue-lite action, check out the trailer below:

What do you think of playing a rogue-lite in VR? Excited about procedurally-generated levels, or just want to shoot arrows in VR over-and-over? Regardless, intrigued by the developers behind it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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