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Published: July 10, 2016 3:52 PM /


In Case of Emergency, Release the Raptor - Preview

Apparently, not every emergency can be solved by releasing a Raptor, Arcen Games has revealed. Their upcoming game, In Case of Emergency, Release Raptor, has been announced to be delayed for its early access launch until July 21st according to owner Chris Park.

In a lengthy developer post, Chris explains why they have delayed the launch again for In Case of Emergency, Release Raptor and talks about the situation on the whole. There are several key things it boils down to: early impressions, things taking longer than expected, and wanting more content for the release. Let's take them one at a time here.

Early Impressions are important for an early access game and they help drive sales for games. There are essentially two parts that have to be considered: media and player impressions to come. Media Impressions come from writers, YouTubers, streamers, and more who give their feelings and thoughts on the game as it is. Chris states in his post that many of the media types playing it were getting the feeling that it was a "beat-em-up" type game, while the full focus is on being more than that with some puzzles, stealth, and other mechanics that haven't been implemented yet. Particularly, the demo build has a goal of kill all robots, a mode that isn't planned to be the main mode of In Case of Emergency, Release Raptor

In Case of Emergency Release Raptor Apartment

Another key impression that he expands on is a lack of personality in some of the levels that people in the comments and media types alike mentioned. The main change here is to implement more on the enemy robots with some voice lines they've recorded, as they have about 30 lines for each type of robot you'll see, which are commentaries on the situation like them lacking a gun or hints at In Case of Emergency, Release Raptor's story. He also feels the recent switch to starting with an apartment level instead of in the science fiction regions will help get players into the game.

Things taking longer than expected is directly pointed at In Case of Emergency, Release Raptor's level editor. This has had an impact on other designs, as the level editor makes building levels much quicker and allows them to populate the game with far more content in less time. He estimates needing upwards of a couple days to finish it off. Refining some of the procedural generation is also a part they need to do with the final 5% to finish; Chris estimates that will take a half-day.

In Case of Emergency Release Raptor sci-fi

The final bit mentioned is wanting more content for the release. The level editor again is a key part here, allowing them to add more content and locations to the game. This also creates a situation where more robots can be added, as they need the proper locations to populate, as each enemy is built for specific regions of the game. Chris is wanting to finish up some of the big robots at the end to enable the main game mode and also incentivize at times the stealth system inside the game. 

There's a lot of details that have been left out, as the post goes over 3000 words explaining the state of the game and what is going on with In Case of Emergency, Release Raptor, which he hopes will hit its release date of July 21st.

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