Improved Hero Progression Headlines Fortnite Save the World's Future

The developers of Fortnite have outlined the future of the Save The World PvE game mode in a news post on the game's official website.

Fortnite currently has two core gameplay modes: the Battle Royale PvP experience and the Save The World PvE game mode. Some players had voiced their concerns about the progression of the PvE mode's development, and the game's developers have responded by outlining some of the features they have on deck for the next two months. These upcoming features will be debuting in either December 2017 or January 2018.


December 2017 Fortnite Save the World Features

Event Currency Store: Players will be able to purchase in-game items using event-specific currency (such as the Candy for the current Fortnitemares event). You'll be able to purchase specific items or just continue to buy event llamas at a specific vendor.

Hero Rarity Evolution: Players can increase the quality level of a hero gradually. This means that you'd be able to take a Rare (Blue) hero, evolve it into an Epic (Purple) hero, and eventually change it into a Legendary (Orange) hero. There's no word on if it will be possible to evolve heroes into Mythic (Golden) quality or what the method for evolving them will be.

Access Inventory Everywhere: You'll be able to access your inventory from anywhere in the game. Currently, you can only access your in-game backpack while actually on a mission.

Easier Collection & Item Management: Context-sensitive menus will make it easier for you to evolve items, retire heroes, or slot items into the Collection Book.

New Mini-Bosses: While the Mist Monsters (Smashers, Blasters, and Takers, oh my!) certainly can add a bit of extra challenge to a mission, the devs are looking to add a higher tier of enemy called Mini-Bosses. These bad boys will behave differently than the average mob and make the game just a bit tougher for everyone.

Improved Survival Mode: The Survive The Storm event was fun but it had some issues. New improvements will be coming to the game mode such as the ability to vote skip days. (As Survival is not part of the core gameplay, this may also indicate that December's in-game event will have some kind of survival element to it.)

January 2018 Fortnite Save the World Features Promised

Quest Map: A quest map will detail what exactly you have to do to move along on the current quest and what you'll get in return. Players will be able to examine future quests as well as look at their current ones.


Of course, development on Battle Royale is progressing in kind with its PvE sister game. The developers of Fortnite recently announced that the game would be hosting a tournament at Dreamhack Winter 2017.

What do you think of the upcoming changes to Fortnite for its Save The World game mode? Do you think the developers are allocating enough resources to the game mode as compared to Battle Royale? Let us know in the comments below!

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