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Improbable Announces Two Internal Studios

March 11, 2019

By: Robert Scarpinito


Improbable, the company behind SpatialOS, announced on March 8 that it started two new game development studios. Aaryn Flynn, known for his work as a general manager at BioWare, fronts the one in Edmonton. Meanwhile, the Improbable studio in London has John Wasilczyk, former executive producer at Epic Games and EA DICE, at the helm.

The studio in Edmonton began developing a game. The London studio, on the other hand, only recently established itself. The Canadian studio already accrued around 50 people, who are working on the currently undisclosed project. Flynn, who previously worked on Mass Effect and Dragon Age, expressed his excitement at building a game involving Improbable's SpatialOS.


“I was interested in making a game using SpatialOS from the very first time I spoke to Improbable," he said. "Building tools and content has been a great way for our Edmonton team to master SpatialOS, but a full game was always an opportunity myself and others had in mind as the Edmonton studio took shape."

However, the two studios are only the beginning for Improbable. Company CEO and co-founder Herman Narula said he wants to expand the company's horizons. That begins with more game development studios.

“We look forward to seeing what our highly talented studios — in Edmonton, London and other locations in the future — will bring not only to players but also to the continued growth and development of SpatialOS,"
If you've heard of SpatialOS, it might be because of its recent spat with the game engine Unity. If you haven't heard of it, many multiplayer games use the platform. The technology helps maintain persistence in online games. Titles that feature short, session-based matches or living, breathing worlds both use it. Games like Scavengers by Midwinter Entertainment and Mavericks: Proving Grounds by Automaton use SpatialOS.

Improbable plans to be at GDC next week to reveal more about the company's future in game development.