Impressive One-Man Project 'Lost Soul Aside' Will Be a Timed Exclusive for PS4

Published: October 24, 2016 9:45 AM /



Designed and created by one man, Lost Soul Aside is an indie project built in Unreal Engine 4. Bing Yang, the man behind the game, started tweeting screenshots and talking about his upcoming game through his facebook page at around the end of July this year. Interest in the game has gathered pace since and Yang announced, through a tweet on Saturday, 22nd October, that the game will have timed exclusivity on PlayStation 4 and should be complete sometime in 2018.


When asked about the progress of his game by fans, Yang replied that he "Got support from Sony and would be working on it with other devs." We know that yang has previously consulted with Epic Games on the project, but it is unclear if they are now involved with development. What has been shown so far of Lost Soul Aside looks impressive, more so when you consider that the original trailer (shown below) is the work of just one man.

It's difficult not to draw immediate comparisons to the visual style of Final Fantasy and the combo-based action of games like Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden when you watch the trailer. Taken as a whole, though, what is shown gives hope that the game will have its own strong identity despite the obvious influences. So far, we know that the main character Kazer has somehow become linked with one of the monsters (who calls himself Arena) threatening his world. He uses the power this gives him to fight back against the threat. From the trailer, it seems that the game will feature wide open environments, combo-based, action-oriented combat with flashy special attacks, and some interesting traversal options - apparently giving the player the ability to use his monster companion as a large pair of wings to reach far off floating islands.

It's worth noting, however, that all of this information comes directly from Yang's Twitter and Facebook feeds. With a big name backer, and a release date far off on the horizon, some or all of these details may change before the final release. Along with the release window, Yang revealed in his latest tweet that the game will feature 'Multi weapons' - presumably referring to the fact that the initial trailer showed sword-based attacks only. He has independently confirmed that despite the timed exclusivity for Sony, the game will eventually come to multiple platforms. The exact platforms have not yet been announced, though Xbox One and PC are a fair bet. Yang has been asked by fans about a possible Nintendo Switch version but as of yet has not responded. Stick with TechRaptor for all the news on Lost Soul Aside as it becomes available.

Have you watched that trailer? Can you believe that this is the work of just one man? Is this enough to get you excited for Lost Soul Aside, or are you longing to see more of what this game may offer? Let us know in the comments below.

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