Imperator: Rome Release Announced By Paradox

Published: February 6, 2019 1:15 PM /


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Yesterday, Paradox announced that Imperator: Rome would be available on April 25, 2019, with pre-orders already available for $39.99.

Dropping players into the classical world only a decade after Alexander the Great's untimely death, players will be able to govern hundreds of "ancient kingdoms, tribes, and republics," while trying to keep the peace while outside (and inside) forces seek to destroy their rule.

As Rome does not yet exist, the world is a vastly different place. For instance, Carthage still exists, managing dozens of vassal city-states in their naval empire. Other kings in Macedonia, Egypt, Anatolia, and Persia fight over Alexander's legacy, while India is ruled by Chandragupta's Maurya Empire.

Players will manage Paradox's most detailed map ever, with hundreds of towns with differing strategic importance, while each province has some sort of value and purpose in the player's empire. Surplus goods can either be hoarded or exchanged to keep the player's people happy or build greater armies. Players can run their governments as a King but may find themselves swamped by traitors. As with all Paradox Grand Strategy titles, there are many ways to play Imperator: Rome.

Imperator: Rome will be released on April 25 and can be pre-ordered here.

Quick Take:

I've never really managed to get into these types of games, but I've always found them interesting. The classical world is a fascinating setting, and developing a Grand Strategy title for that period is a great idea. Paradox's games offer great value for its players, but ironically they also offer titles that can cost hundreds of dollars for players if they want all of its DLC. Perhaps a season pass would be a good idea? Probably, but Paradox would be leaving money on the deal if they made one. We'll see.

What do you think of Imperator: Rome? Will you be playing it? Have you played any of Paradox's games? Let us know in the comments!

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