Imagos Softworks Files For Default Settlement - Alex Mauer Saga

Published: September 27, 2017 9:27 PM /


Starr Mazer

It's been a while since we've talked about Alex Mauer, and quite honestly that's been a good thing. The last thing that we needed was more chaos caused by DMCA claims being handed out left and right. Luckily for the games industry, a part of the saga may be finally be wrapping up after all this time.

As first indicated by acting attorney Leonard J. French and reported on by such sources as SidAlpha, Imagos Softworks has requested that the court enter a Default judgment on Alex Mauer. Basically, Alex Mauer failed to produce a new attorney and respond to the requests made by the court after the time the judge gave her, which allows for Imagos Softworks to submit the default judgment request. In his live stream below, he goes over several of the criteria for entering a default judgment (and what can stop it) and makes a strong case for Imagos Softworks (although he is the attorney for the case, and thus a bias would be inherent).

French indicates on his website that the request is a two step process: but the request is to establish two things: that Imagos Softworks owns the copyright of the music in question, and as well as a finding toward monetary damage done. The full documentation filed by French can be found on his website. What kind of damages could be rewarded in this case is still unclear at this time as Imagos and French are researching the options.

What this does in the meanwhile is open up the continued development of Starr Mazer DSP with no further issues from Mauer. The bad publicity behind the project thanks to Mauer's actions caused publishers to shy away from it: however that has seemingly changed a bit as revealed by Leonard French. He has indicated that Imagos Softworks is in talks with publishers for the game.

As for Mauer, she's been relatively quiet ever since she was requested to get a new attorney, only having cryptic communication on twitter, and mentioning nothing of the DMCAs, Imagos Softworks, or more threats to other content creators during the last two months.

Quick Take

I'm actually somewhat disappointed here, but I am glad for Imagos Softworks and what this means for their company going forward, I was hoping that some case law would come of this: so that the next Alex Mauer can't do some of the things that she was able to do as easily. But I can't expect Imagos Softworks to take one for the team like that: this is their livelihood. 


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