Image And Form Teases Name Change, New SteamWorld Games

Published: May 12, 2021 8:23 AM /


A banner featuring characters from the SteamWorld franchise and the legend "What's Next?"

SteamWorld franchise developer Image and Form has revealed that several new SteamWorld projects are in the works. The developer has also announced that it will be changing its name shortly, although we don't yet know what the new name will be.

What could these new SteamWorld projects be?

This news comes to us via the official Image and Form Twitter account. In a tweet, Image and Form says it's "thrilled" to share that new SteamWorld games are in the making. We don't know what these games are yet, but back in February, Twitter analyst DarkDetective revealed that four new SteamWorld games were in the pipeline - two for PC, consoles, and mobile devices, and two coming to PC and consoles only. If you're after more news, Image and Form recommends you follow the official Thunderful Games Twitter account, as that's where you'll find the SteamWorld devs now.


A battle sequence in SteamWorld Quest
Image and Form's next SteamWorld games will follow on from the rather excellent SteamWorld Quest.

In addition to this exciting news, Image and Form also revealed that it'll be changing its name soon. We don't yet know what the new name will be. The studio simply tweeted that a "name change is coming later", and that the new handle will be announced in due course. Despite the name change and full integration into Thunderful Games, Image and Form say you can still "count on quality games from the same people (and new faces)" for many years to come. Exciting news for SteamWorld fans.

We'll have to wait and see what Image and Form - or whatever the studio ends up being called - has in store for everyone's favorite steampunk bot franchise. Until then, you can follow Image and Form for news on all things SteamWorld, as the studio says it'll be using that account to bring more SteamWorld news in the future. Here's hoping we hear more about the first new game in the lineup soon.

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