Ikenfell Announces PC Release Window

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Ikenfell Announces PC Release Window

June 14, 2020

By: Andrew Stretch


As Humble Games showed off the variety of titles that they're publishing shortly one of the titles that they showed was Ikenfell. This is a game that was originally successfully kickstarted back in April. This turn-based RPG adds a tactical twist as you need to position your players accordingly.

The game is set at the most famous school for magic in the region of Ikenfell. One of the best students has gone missing though, you'll gather a cast of colorful and strange characters to uncover the mystery of why this student went missing. The game will take place in the twisted halls of the magic school where they will encounter all kinds of puzzles and uncover well-hidden secrets.

Throughout Ikenfell you'll learn up to 48 spells, face 80+ enemies in battle, fight 20 challenging bosses, and uncover over 100 items. The soundtrack for Ikenfell was composed by the same mind behind the Steven Universe soundtrack. The Steam description also states that there will be cats everywhere, so that's a big plus.

Ikenfell will be releasing in the Summer of 2020 and will be coming to Windows and Mac via Steam. There are plans to bring the game to other consoles going forward but at this point in time, there are no announced plans. If you want to learn more about the game and see some more screenshots you can head over to the Ikenfell official website or to their Steam page.


What do you think of Ikenfell? Do you like the idea of a tactical element being added to your Role-Playing Game? Are you looking forward to picking up this title?

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