ID Software Simplifies Shopping Experience for Doom and Quake Games

Published: August 11, 2022 4:22 PM /


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ID Software has a vast span of games within its Steam library, which can be a little tedious to sift through. Therefore, they have decided to consolidate titles such as Quake and Doom in order to make the shopper's experience smooth and friendly.

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ID software posted an update to Steam, where they state that they believe their list of games within the library can get a bit confusing at times. This is due to several games being released as well as reiterated over the years. They say they are going to be consolidating the Doom and Quake titles to help the newcomers find the exact game of choice with ease, as the vast expanse that is their library can get overwhelming. 


The plan they have come up with so far as of August 10, 2022, is to consolidate each game under one major title, rather than keeping them separate entities as they are now. Some of the games available will be delisted, but those who have purchased said games already have no need to fear, as they will still have access to download and play them whenever they so choose. 

They first announced that they will be changing the name of Ultimate DOOM to Doom (1993), but as of right now that is the only change to that title that is being made. Next, they will be adding Final DOOM and Master Levels under DOOM II as one installation package, but all games will still be booted up and played separately as normal. The titles included in the install package will be DOOM II, DOOM II (Enhanced), Master Levels for DOOM II, and Final DOOM. They will be following this formula for several of the other installations of the game versions as well. 

ID Software also announced they will be revamping their Steam Bundles as well, and even going so far as to introduce new ones for their fans to purchase. Those who already own certain titles that are within a bundle will have the option to complete the set with discounted prices for the remaining games from the bundle they don't currently own, which is a pretty need feature for them to add in. 


To read the full update from ID Software in its entirety, head over to their Steam page. This list also includes the delisted titles, so make sure to check those out as well. 

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