Icy Norse City-Builder Frozenheim Comes To Steam This May

Published: March 9, 2021 10:54 AM /


A city in the frozen wastes in Frozenheim

Elderborn publisher Hyperstrange has revealed its newest project. Developed by Paranoid Interactive, Frozenheim is a Norse-themed city-builder which asks you to construct and maintain cities to please Odin. It's coming to Steam Early Access this May.

What do we know about Frozenheim?

In Frozenheim, you play the role of a Viking banished from their homeland in the wake of a violent feud. You must now seek out a new home for you and your clan, ever aware that winters are tough and survival is hard. It's up to you to keep your clan safe, fed, and happy, warding off threats not only from the brutal weather conditions but also from rival tribes intent on destroying you. Take a look at the trailer for an icy slice of Norse strategy.


Gameplay-wise, Hyperstrange and Paranoid Interactive describe Frozenheim as a "serene Norse city-builder". It'll also feature elements of management gameplay and RTS-style combat. You'll be able to navigate multiple progression trees, each of which will offer something different for you and your settlement. Naturally, you can lead raids on enemy camps, as well as foraging for resources and expanding your settlement until it is to be feared by your enemies. It'll also be possible to explore the world around you to find altars to the gods of Asgard at which you can receive blessings.

What will the Early Access version of Frozenheim include?

According to the devs, Frozenheim will come complete with a series of "introductory single-player scenarios" in Early Access. These will serve as the prologue to the full campaign, which will be added at a later date. There's also a free-play mode that allows you to check out the game's mechanics and world without the narrative element. Excitingly, the developers are also promising a "basic multiplayer component". Perfect for groups who want to take their Valheim role-playing experience to the next level.

Some Viking longboats in Frozenheim
Since Frozenheim is a Viking game, there will, of course, be longboats aplenty.

Frozenheim will receive monthly content updates, with the developers adding new features to gameplay and content each month. Paranoid Interactive and Hyperstrange are aiming to release the full version of Frozenheim on Steam at the beginning of 2022. Until then, you'll be able to check out the Early Access version of the game when it launches on May 20th. You can also wishlist it right now.


Are you looking forward to appeasing Odin with your cities in Frozenheim? Let us know in the comments below!



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