Icarus Release Date Takes Flight This December

Published: November 19, 2021 9:10 AM /


A player aiming a bow in survival game Icarus

After several delays, we finally have an Icarus release date. DayZ creator Dean Hall's hotly anticipated new survival game launches this December after originally being scheduled to arrive earlier this year.

What is the new Icarus release date?

Icarus was originally supposed to launch in August this year, but was delayed to November back in July. The August release date was repurposed into a series of beta weekends for those who placed pre-orders. Icarus was subsequently delayed again last month, but it looks like this new date is final. The new Icarus release date is December 4th, so add that to your calendar if you're into your wilderness survival experiences.

A player aiming a bow at a bear in Icarus
This bear is pretty psyched for the new Icarus release date.

For his part, Dean Hall says Icarus' three months of beta testing has made it "ready for launch". He reaffirms the promise that Icarus will be an iterative experience, with each update adding more content and changing things based on player feedback. This weekend sees the arrival of one more chance to test Icarus in beta if you pre-ordered it, too, so if you missed out on the beta weekends earlier this year, you're in luck.

What is Icarus?

Icarus is DayZ creator Dean Hall's new wilderness survival game. It takes place on the titular Icarus, a "broken terraformed planet" according to Hall and developer RocketWerkz. You'll start off with nothing, gradually building up your gear and taking on missions that could last anywhere from a few hours to a couple of weeks. After completing missions, you'll return to orbit to upgrade your character and your tech before taking on the next mission.

A player wandering the wilderness in Icarus
Want Icarus to look as pretty as this? You're going to need a good machine.

You're going to need a pretty beefy rig if you want to run Icarus as Hall and his team intended. At minimum, you'll need a GTX 1060 or equivalent, with 16GB of RAM and an Intel i5-8400 processor. Recommended specs are pretty crazy: an RTX 3060Ti card, 32GB of RAM (!) and an i7-9700 processor. You'll also need 70GB of available space to install the game. Better start clearing out those Steam games you're not playing anymore in time for Icarus' December 4th launch. In the meantime, you can still pre-order it on Steam and get access to the upcoming beta weekend.

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