I want to be human

I Want To Be Human coming to Steam this Fall

August 11, 2015 3:57 PM

By: Alexandria Brown


Rising Stars games has announced that they’ve partnered with Sinclair Strange to publish their debut game I Want To Be Human. The game is a tongue-in-cheek shooter set to release in the Fall.  I Want To Be Human will be available for PC via Steam when released.





This video is from an earlier version of the game.

I Want To Be Human brings a twist to the overdone vampire love-story and adds a heaping helping of quirk. In this story a boy falls in love with a vampire girl, then gets turned into a hat by a bad guy and then the vampire girlfriend goes on a rampage to save her boyfriend. The story from the recent press release is a departure from the early alpha in which a robot was on a rampage to steal human organs, but this vampire thing sounds cool too. The story seems interesting and the genre is also an interesting mashup of action, shooter, platformer, and puzzler.

Gore, violence and more pixelated gore abounds in I Want to be Human. The art style is reminiscent of a Jhonen Vasquez comic and matches the darkly humorous tone of the game. The color palette is monochromatic and the whole aesthetic is very stylized. Primarily having worked with flash before this project it will be interesting to see the debut title from the bizarre mind of creator Sinclair Strange.



[caption id="attachment_51290" align="aligncenter" width="440"]I want to be human A screenshot of Sinclair Strange's game from 2014.[/caption]

When it comes to gameplay I Want To Be Human looks fast paced and challenging. Player’s main weapon is a reliable shotgun that can be upgraded as you go. The levels span five different worlds and players will unlock new abilities as they progress in the game and overcome a variety of challenges.



I Want To Be Human has an electro-punk audio score, a quirky-dark sense of humor and interesting art style.This single-player indie game has been greenlit on steam and is now being published by Rising Star Games. I Want To Be Human will likely be available for PC, Mac and Linux when released in the Fall.

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