Hyrule Warriors New Trailer marks the arrival of New DLC

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Hyrule Warriors, W-Omega Force and Team Ninja's new hack and slash has some new content as of yesterday. The rather popular "fine Dynasty Warriors spin-off in its own right" has been expanded upon via downloadable content, according to the official Nintendo Zelda website. The new DLC is called Master Quest.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guviW5DI1xw?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

As you can see, Hyrule Warriors new trailer shows Link the hero of Hyrule astride his horse Epona, as he battles off wave after wave of enemies. Showcased also is Epona's ability to kick with her hind legs and send enemies flying. The video also shows that it's possible for Link to fire arrows, while Epona does a sort of ground pound move that can control crowds. While powered up it seems that Epona can effectively control any amount of enemies surrounding her. Link doesn't appear to lose a bit of health once throughout the course of the film. A new character has been introduced, that appears to be one of the Poe-like enemies from the game as well as one brandishing a butterfly sword of some kind. A sorceress character brandishing a staff is shown to possess the ability to rain purple fire from the sky as two twins clad in silver garment wield whips against  their opponents while calling lightning down upon them. You can also play as a Gorgon with a huge hammer as well as what appears to be a palette swap of the beloved Princess Zelda.

The pack of downloadable content for Master Quest contains 2 new costumes for Lana and Cia, and the ability for Link to ride Epona into battle. Five new story modes that lead up to the events in the game and one additional Adventure Mode map is included. The price for said DLC is $7.99 on the official site. On top of all this, as of update version 1.30 of Hyrule Warriors new Master Quest challenges have been added for free, along with the ability to play as either Cia, Volga and Wizzro. Link has also gotten a brand new Hylian sword for use in combat. It is the 8-bit version of it from the very first Zelda game.

Master Quest is just the first of four Hyrule Warriors DLC packs that are planned to be released in the coming weeks. Coming soon is the Twilight Princess Pack which has a new character, an additional weapon, one Adventure map and two new costumes. The next listed downloadable content pack for Hyrule Warriors is Majora's Mask which will have two new playable characters, another Adventure map and 3 additional costumes, while the Boss Pack will include two additional games modes. While the Master Quest pack seems to be the best value of the lot the others might be worth looking into for diehard Hyrule Warriors or Zelda Fans. Twilight Princess pack is valued at $7.99 also and will be available sometime in November while the other two will be available next year in January and February respectively.  Majora's Mask can be purchased also for $7.99 while the Boss DLC Pack is a mere $2.99.

Fans can buy all of these packs separately if they wish, or they can advantage of the site's offer of Hyrule Warriors Hero of Hyrule Pack. This is a season pass that will give you access to all four downloadable content packs for Hyrule Warriors  for the price of $19.99 on the Nintendo eShop. Purchase of the Hyrule Warriors season pass will allow players to gain access to a special edition alternate costume for Link. The costume is Dark Link, whom all Zelda and Hyrule Warriors fans alike should know. The season pass looks set to be great value and if you're a Zelda fan, you would be crazy to pass this opportunity up.


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