Hydroneer Update Brings Creative Mode And More

Published: November 5, 2021 11:00 AM /


A mining operation under construction in Hydroneer

A new Hydroneer update is live, and there are lots of exciting new features to check out. While this isn't the big upcoming 2.0 update, you're still getting a new Creative Mode, some fishing changes, and a brand new gem, plus more.

What's in this new Hydroneer update?

First up, this Hydroneer update is adding a mode to let you stretch your wings and use your imagination a little. The Hydroneer Creative Mode comes with a range of gameplay modifiers designed to help you make things without any limitations or time constraints. You can steal any of the game's items, duplicate and destroy anything, and pick up and throw whatever you want. Lest you think getting around in Creative Mode will be tough, you can also fly, and you have mastery over time, too (meaning you can pause or change it). Hopefully, this should sweeten the deal after multiplayer was delayed earlier this year.

A serene village in Hydroneer
The new Hydroneer Creative Mode will let you take a breather while you work on your magnum opus.

It's not just Creative Mode, though. There's also a brand new super-rare Onyx gem with a 0.1% spawn chance, so if you find one, count yourself lucky. Fishing has been expanded, with new fishing rods and a wide variety of fish available to catch in exchange for new rods (or you can cook them). The fishing pot has been updated, and there's a new rack to store your rods. This should make fishing in Hydroneer a more pleasurable experience overall. Finally, you'll notice some minor changes to gameplay mechanics. Mining helmets turn on automatically when you wear them and switch off when removed. Vehicles will now tell you when your tank is empty, and three items have been removed: Old Fishing Rod, Fish, and Boots. Weep not for them.

What is Hydroneer?

Hydroneer is a sandbox building game in which the objective is to construct a mine using materials you find in your environment. You'll have access to a range of tools, machinery, and structures to help you achieve your goal, and you can decide where you want to build your base by exploring the world and locating stores of resources. If you love base-building games and relaxing atmosphere, then you should have already checked this one out.

An underground mine in Hydroneer
Hydroneer doesn't quite let you live among the Dwarves, but hey, who knows; you might be close to their lair.

You can grab Hydroneer right now on PC via Steam, where it'll set you back $9.99. Again, this new update is not the long-awaited Hydroneer 2.0 update, which will bring new building parts, multiplayer functionality, and lots more to the game. Still, you should be able to get something out of the new Creative mode, even if it's just rebuilding Breath of the Wild towns. We can't wait to see what the community comes up with.

Are you excited to check out the new Hydroneer update? Let us know in the comments below!


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