Hurricane Relief Bundle Supports Irma and Harvey Victims

Published: September 14, 2017 1:45 PM /


Hurricane Relief Bundle Header

For the past week, residents across the state of Florida have been dealing with the stress of potentially life altering damage caused by Hurricane Irma. Billboards have been destroyed, trees uprooted, and those along the coast have found their belongings flooded under rising tides. Gas remains a precious commodity, and while most have returned to a state of tenuous normalcy, others will spend months rebuilding. These residents join the Texans that are still reeling from Hurricane Harvey's recent landfall, and the storm season is just ramping up. It's times like this where communities have to come together to help, and that's just what a set of indie developers led by Loren Schmidt has set out to do.

The Hurricane Relief Bundle costs $20 and features a range of 50 projects, all DRM-Free and playable with the app. Among the included works are games Loren developed (like STRAWBERRY CUBES, which is pictured above), as well as former Humble Original Gunmetal Arcadia Zero and trippy roguelike FPS nullpointer. Seven of the games come with Steam keys as well, for those who prefer that their collection stays in one place.

The charities benefitting from the bundle are listed below as described by Loren Schmidt. Funds will be donated in chunks as the bundle continues, and all proceeds from sales will be directly benefitting these organizations.

  • GlobalGiving Hurricane Irma Relief Fund: A hurricane-specific project by an organization well-regarded by charity watchdog groups. They redirect funds to local organizations.
  • Halo Foundation: A locally run organization in Antigua and Barbuda which serves as an umbrella for smaller local charities.
  • Partners in Health (Haiti branches): A well-rated larger organization. They are the largest nongovernmental health care provider in Haiti, with a number of clinics and hospitals. This bundle will donate specifically to fund their efforts to provide hurricane Irma relief in Haiti.
  • Direct Impact Fund for Hurricanes Harvey & Irma: A well-reviewed zero overhead fund which directs resources to hurricane relief projects.
As of 12 hours ago, the Hurrican Relief Bundle had raised over $300 and the first set of donations were scheduled to be sent off to charities soon.

The Hurricane Relief Bundle will run until Sunday, September 17th.


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