Hunt: Showdown Update Adds New Quest System

Published: May 16, 2022 12:36 PM /


Hunt Showdown

The latest Hunt: Showdown update, 1.8.1, is now live. It adds a new quest system called Summons, which will replace the Daily and Weekly Challenges. The new quest system can be found under the "Summons" tab, and players will have to complete quests called "stars", which are separate from the Trials stars and have a different symbol. The quests will reset every Monday.

Developer's Note:

This new Quest system is designed to be more fun and engaging than the old challenge system. This is not a fully complete feature, meaning we will continue to add more quests, tweak rewards, and otherwise make adjustments where needed. We're looking forward to your feedback and to see the crazy ways Hunters complete some Quests.

Each quest will reward 1-6 stars as well as an in-game reward such as Hunt Dollars, Consumables, Tools, and Weapons. Players can also progress in two quests simultaneously and unlock a third quest slot with Blood Bonds. A quest can be completed multiple times to collect the stars, but the in-game items can only be unlocked through the first completion. If 30 stars are collected, players will earn 25 Blood Bonds, a reward that can be claimed once per week.


As for other additions, two new Grunt variations have been added to the game. One is the Pistol Grunt, which is an AI that carries a broken pistol. It causes a loud gunshot sound when it hits the player with a melee attack. The second AI is the Lantern Grunt, which carries a lantern that can be used by players if they kill the Grunt before they're hit with it.

New weapons include the Caldwell 92 New Army, a double-action revolver that comes with a 6-round capacity and is best compared to the Nagant M1895 Officer. There's also the Winfield 93 Slate, which is a 6-round capacity pump-action shotgun and is mostly an improvement on the Spectre 1882. It does have increased spread and recoil compared to the Spectre, so it's not a complete upgrade.

If you to check out the patch notes, be sure to go here. For more information on Hunt: Showdown (which is 50% off on Steam until May 19), stay tuned to TechRaptor.




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