Hunt: Showdown Update 1.3 Brings Crossplay And Lots More

Published: May 19, 2020 5:10 PM /


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Crytek's first-person shooter survival title, Hunt: Showdown, originally released on PC in 2019. The title came to Xbox One and PS4 in the months following, and received generally favorable reviews at the time of release. Hunt: Showdown received update 1.3 earlier today, a significant update with tons of changes and additions to the multiplayer game.

One of the most highlighted additions update 1.3 brings to Hunt: Showdown is console crossplay between PS4 and Xbox One players. This has been a long-requested feature from the community, and the studio has finally responded. "Currently invites only work for players using their own platforms," and when you invite someone from outside of your native console, it will display a controller icon next to their name as an indication.

Not only that, update 1.3 brings numerous other changes and additions. Hunt: Showdown will get to enjoy the Bayou under the sunset, a new time of the day setting. As for weapons, two new weapon variants, the "Martini-Henry IC1 Marksman" and the "Mosin-Nagant M1891 Obrez Drum" are added to the title's arsenal, including new tools and traits.

There are other quality of life changes, such as improved death screen and lobby display screens. Following the update, users will get to inspect their teammates' stats in more detail to get a better overview of their skill level. In addition to that, when you die, the screen will let you know your opponent's hunter and their equipped gear.

The developer note accompanying the Reddit post went in-depth on how the development team's rework of bullet projectiles' path and damage. The studio was very careful with how they adjust the weapons and their mechanics to bring minimal effect for the majority of these weapons.

The rework of how projectiles lose damage over distance is a pretty big change, touching most of the weapons in the arsenal in one way or another. However, the actual gameplay changes should be pretty minimal for the majority of these weapons, and only affect those we actually want to boost.

Do you think the latest update for Hunt: Showdown is tempting enough for you to consider picking it up and playing? What else would you like to see Crytek do with the title? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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