Hunt: Showdown Hitting PC And Xbox One August 27th, PS4 This Fall

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Hunt: Showdown Hitting PC And Xbox One August 27th, PS4 This Fall

July 4, 2019

By: Joseph Allen

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PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
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August 27, 2019 (Calendar)
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Multiplayer co-op shooter Hunt: Showdown will land on PC and Xbox One on August 27th. A PlayStation 4 version is scheduled for this fall.

Hunt: Showdown has been available via Steam Early Access since February 2018 and via Xbox Game Preview since May this year. Since the initial February release, there have been almost 20 content updates and patches added to the game. Content updates have included a new boss, a new map, new AI functions, and new weapons. Everyone who purchased the game during this time will receive an exclusive Legendary Weapon Skin when the game launches. You can check out the original Hunt: Showdown Early Access launch trailer below:

Alongside the full release of the game, Crytek will also be partnering with German-Austrian company Koch Media for a physical retail version. Koch's Stephan Schmidt says the company will "support this title with all our experience in the retail market". It's not clear whether Hunt: Showdown will be getting any form of collector's edition or whether the physical version will come with anything extra. We'll have to wait and see.


Hunt: Showdown is a "competitive first-person bounty hunting game" according to developer Crytek. Each match pits up to 10 players against one another and against the monsters of the game's Louisiana swamps. Each monster grants a bounty, and players who have bounties become targets for other players. Crytek is planning to add plenty of extra content to the game post-full launch. If you'd like to keep up with Hunt: Showdown, you can check out the full roadmap here.

You'll be able to grab Hunt: Showdown on Xbox One and PC starting August 27th. PlayStation 4 players will have to wait until fall, and we don't have a specific release date for that platform yet. The game will set you back $39.99, so if you're interested, it's worth your while to snap it up while it's still in Early Access.

Will you buy Hunt: Showdown when it leaves Early Access? Let us know in the comments below!

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