The Hunt Remastered — May 2015: Dinosaur Party

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The Hunt May 2015

In this return to the Hunt segment, things have been changed up a little bit. What you've known about the Hunt has been changed for hopefully the better.  The Hunt has now moved to a new monthly format to hopefully focus on the titles that haven't gotten coverage over the month that it's recapping in question.

Each month, a selection of different types of prey will be identified, and seven will be chosen to be the highlighted prey in the list. Each prey will have a unique attribute to focus on, whether it be storytelling, innovation in gameplay, or just the overall best game of the list in question. These are the games that I recommend people take a look at in some way, whether it be picking it up and playing it right now, or picking it up on sale in the future.

The first game highlighted is Horizon Shift, which is an interesting take on the shoot em up genre with having the ship in the middle of the screen. We also have a second shoot em up with the free game (not free to play, but actually free) Jigoku Kisetsukan: Sense of the Seasons.

We then move from the shoot em up genre, where you're firing bullets at all sorts of enemies, to running and dashing through all sorts of enemies with Jumpjet Rex (out of Early Access edition). Then from space to the sea, we move to the mystery of a death of a cruise in the game Why am I Dead at Sea? But it's not the only mystery to be highlighted in the month, as we trace a mindjacker and serial killer in Technobabylon. We take a look at the world of social anxiety disorder with Sym. And for the king of the month, even though I'm actually technically cheating because the game came out on April 30th, we finish off this video with Chroma Squad, the overlooked Power Rangers tactical RPG.

I really would love to hear any sort of feedback on the new format. It's obviously a bit longer than the Hunts you've seen before, but with a lot more detail. What did you like/dislike about the new monthly format, and would you like to see more of it? Do you want to see something different? And what would you like to see more of on the YouTube channel?

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