The Hunt #7: Robots playing Football, Suicidial Lightning Ghosts, and bad PC ports.

Published: March 2, 2015 3:00 PM /



This week on the Hunt, I get reasonably upset at a game that I was looking major forward to, and get surprised by a smaller title despite not being able to recommend it to everyone. This was really an up and down week in terms of the Hunt, as sometimes things don't go the way that you expect them, even when you're a trained hunter.

To begin, we take a look at a mobile port that adds several options, and does a good job in wasting time with Block Legend DX. Then we take a stroll down memory lane slightly with Oscura: Lost Light, which reminds those who played Limbo of minimalistic art forms while adding some new platforming elements that don't always work as intended. For DLC content, the new Bright Lord DLC for Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is taken a look at, where you get to wield the power of the one ring, which is always a blast. The big disappointment of the week comes in Resident Evil Revelations 2: Episode 1, that despite some others saying that the series is continuing improving, I find it to be a major step backward for the franchise and evidence that Capcom has no idea what its doing. Not to mention that the PC port is absolutely horrible. Sometimes: Success Requires Sacrifice combines a couple of mini-games around a central concept that is different to say the least, even if it could use a bit more variety. Finally, Frozen Cortex combines football with strategy elements, in which you try to outwit your opponent while crushing him into the ground at the same time.

On the horizon seems to be even more zombies, as more Resident Evil Revelations 2 content is released with its episode 2, and the Zombie Army Trilogy comes to the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Of course there are the smaller titles as well, which will always be covered.

What games look interesting to you this week? Do you think that Resident Evil needs an overhaul? Are you sick of zombie games yet? The hunt will continue on like every week, but I admit, this one was hard to truck through.


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