The Hunt #6: Feasting on Human Hearts And Cheap Games!

Published: February 23, 2015 3:00 PM /



In this week of the Hunt, there's a variety of cheap games that make up the week, along with a couple of bigger titles in the mix. Once again, The Hunt does it's best to present bite sized video segments of games that the video creator played over the week, giving a short opinion, while pointing to more substantial information in the video's description.


In this week's episode, we start off with Aerena: Master's Edition, taking a look at how a company came back to the drawing board and made a necessary change to keep it's game alive that had some core mechanics that were worth a look. Veteran Combat is a stupid silly title that isn't at all a good game in any means, but got several laughs and sheer dumb fun out of it. Shipwreck paid homage to the 2D versions of the Legend of Zelda series by presenting some dumbed down and not as technically sound gameplay but catching the feeling nevertheless. Paparazzi gave a first good impression with it's camera versus celebrity two-player madness, but then fell off the map due to design decisions that hurt the game overall. Hand of Fate was definitely the gem of the week, as the unique presentation and customizable experience overshadowed some lackluster fighting, but made a game that was a wonder to play and behold. Hasselheart had you playing as a robot needing to take the hearts of humans to survive and provided a fun arcade experience at the price. Finishing it off was Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore A Fedora, which nails the Noir like setting but fails in keeping a reasonable pace and any action whatsoever.

The week had a lot of cheap titles that mostly hit on what they were going for, which is always appreciated in a time where you can find a lot of games that don't deliver on the content for their price point (I'm looking at you, The Order: 1886). Next week, we should return to some more known titles, as the big one of the week is Resident Evil Revelations 2: Episode 1, along with a couple of remastered editions of some well know cult classic games.


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