The Hunt #5: Hitting the Spectrum of Art Styles

Published: February 16, 2015 3:00 PM /


The Hunt 05

In this week's episode of The Hunt, we go through the variety of different art styles and presentations. Hitting the 8-bit style for an RPG that does the job with simple game mechanics that rely on the rock, paper, scissors type of elemental damage mechanics, while offering a large amount of status effects and nostalgia in the process. We also look at a PC port of a game where you play the guardian angel of a runner attempting to win a race, as you screw with the other runners in hoping to win. And that to some nicely drawn visuals in cut scenes, and gospel music in the background.

There's also the most basic of art styles represented in ASCII art, as a surprisingly fun text-based RPG comes out of Early Access. It not only entertains with its ridiculous humor, but has a nice little battle system that you have to really pay attention to status changes or you're character is going to get ripped apart.

Speaking of Early Access, a space RTS was released this week which relies on a media element in order to declare war against other players. And while that looks interesting on the surface, the game gives good reason why to avoid several early access games due to its lack of polish, as well missing necessities for the RTS genre.

Moving on in the space genre, another action puzzle game comes to Steam that rewards planning ahead and can have an addictive quality for those who want a bit of strategy in their puzzle games. And while it could use some better optimization in terms of loading levels, it does offer a solid experience.

And leaving space to the depths of sea, we take a different rogue-like experience that focuses on a narrative experience more then anything else. While Sunless Sea has gotten critical acclaim, there are some flaws lurking under the surface regarding pacing and action, and may not be for everyone.


Do any of the games in question look like something that you'd like picking up? Does a game with ASCII graphics still look appealing in the modern day era of graphics? It's the game I played most during the week, which surprised me, but it got its hooks in me, and I kept on wanting to play. And those kind of games is why I love gaming. Except when I'm trying to look at other games for the Hunt.


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