The Hunt #14 (4/20/15): Westerns, Titans, and Fatalities. Also, Catgirls.

The Hunt 14

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The Hunt #14 (4/20/15): Westerns, Titans, and Fatalities. Also, Catgirls.

April 20, 2015

By: Shaun Joy


In this week on the Hunt, we hit some of the bigger titles that were released in the week, which is somewhat rare for The Hunt. Hey, even a raptor needs to take on larger prey once in a while, remember the end of Jurassic Park? Raptors like to be challenged sometimes, and the bigger fish can be even harder to take down or analyze. They sometimes have the best meat to feast on anyway. Anyway, let's take a look at this week's video.

Starting off, we attempt to become Harry Potter by shouting into the microphone while playing In Verbis Virtus. We then are taken back to the days of Shadow of the Colossus, as we fight a series of boss battles in Titan Souls. Then we go from killing over large titans, to killing things in over the top fashion in Mortal Kombat X. Following up the removal of heads and organs, we move on to the Wild West, as we attempt to avenge our family in Westerado: Double Barreled. And just in like the old days of the West, we take a nice little train ride in A Charnel House Trilogy. Finally, we play a competitive game of minesweeper in ManaCollect. Only 6 games again this week due to extended time put into some of the titles (Mortal Kombat X), as it took a little bit longer then expected to get my overall view on the game. Or that's just an excuse for me to play through the entire story campaign.

Coming up the next week on The Hunt, I actually planned a little bit and have a couple of games already scheduled! Would you look at that, actual planning, who would have thought it. Remember, The Hunt is all the games that I play during the week condensed into bite sized chunks, and I do run my own YouTube channel which is updated throughout the week, so you guys benefit from all the long and hard research that I put in every single day in order to bring you the shortened version. On the other hand, I play video games all week. So yeah, I may have it a little easy.

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