The Hunt #12: Exploring the Galaxy, a Dream World, and Bad Controls.

Published: April 6, 2015 3:00 PM /


The Hunt 12

In this week of the Hunt, we do what every good hunter has to do in order to get an understanding of his prey: explore the world around him. Knowing what kind of environment one hunts in is important, to be able to back your prey into a corner or escape if things aren't going well. Now you may say, "what does this have to do with finding good video games?" Well, sometimes looking around or looking in the deep elements of the consoles and PC are where you are going to find some of the games that will fit what a certain gamer is looking for. Anyway, let's take a look at this weeks game.


This week on the Hunt, we embark on a mission to explore strange new worlds and make profit off it in The Spatials. We explore and try to escape the pages of some of the great works of literature in the local multiplayer brawler, Paperbound. We then hit the ruins of Egypt and various other locations in the search of treasure in Jaques Roque. Next, we search for our stolen Teddy in Finding Teddy II, which takes the word exploration to a whole new level. We then go back to space to drill and probe planets to keep our mission going in Out There: Omega Edition. Then, we attempt to explore only to be cut off by bad controls in Crazy Steam Bros. II. Finally, we travel to the land of free to play in Nightbanes, which hits the edge of being fair to the player and fun, but not for everyone.

Next week, there's a lot of re-releases or ports coming out to various systems, and not a lot of new games that don't have a caveat to them (Early Access for example). Of course I've found some games to cover, I always do, but I may mix in a title or two that may have been missed by the masses, or even missed by myself. Hey, sometimes your prey escapes, it happens. But hey, I actually beat a game this week in Ironcast. So my ever growing backlog due to these Hunts got a little shorter.

Anyway, anything look interesting this week to you? Anything you want about the Hunt changed? Am I asking way too many annoying questions at the end of this article? Hopefully you found a game or two to enjoy this week, and I'll hopefully bring you more in the following.

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