The Hunt #10: Throwing Bricks At Mobsters

Published: March 23, 2015 3:00 PM /



In this week on The Hunt, I am finally done with the game that has caused me an abnormal amount of suffering for the last several weeks (you might wonder where the review for this game is, oh, it's coming.). But despite a game that caused a setback for a franchise that is near and dear to several peoples hearts, we've got other fish to fry.

This week on the Hunt, I get rid of the abomination that is Resident Evil Revelations 2 once and for all, to only ever play it again to play the raid mode. And transitioning from the explosive ending of that game, Burnstar mixes the explosions of the Bomberman franchise with a puzzle game that's great for completion focused type players, but may have a lack of content for those looking for an in-depth experience. The surprise game of the week is Enemy, which mixes a lot of tactical precision and RPG elements in a Minecraft type world. The game includes destructible environments, a morale system, and lots of different attack and defense options. Karate Master 2: Knock Down Below shows a lot of promise with a really interesting fighting system, despite some of the other elements of the game working against that. Eron is a precision platformer that is only for those hardcore platform gamers out there, as it is too precise and doesn't teach you anything about its world. Heavy Bullets makes an appearance due to it being part of the latest weekly Humble Bundle which focuses on rogue-likes. And Seal Team 12 ends up being too generic of a shooter to really make enough commentary on in the end.

In terms of releases that are upcoming, I may actually cover a triple A game in Bloodbourne in The Hunt next week, despite the fact that I haven't actually played any of the Dark Souls games (yes, one of my gaming confessions, sadly). It's got me interested enough, and honestly I really want to make use of my Playstation 4 in some way, and mix up what has been a dominantly PC focused Hunt the last several weeks. Of course there are some more minor titles that I'll definitely take a look at, but I can make one promise for next weeks Hunt. That there won't be any games that mainly focus on zombies. That I can promise you.

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