The Hunt #1: Hunting for good games

Published: January 19, 2015 3:03 PM /



Welcome to a new segment that will be making it's home on the TechRaptor YouTube channel, called The Hunt. In this new series, a member of the TechRaptor team will take a look back on the games they played during the week that follow a certain set of criteria. Hunts have to be efficient, so each game within the segment will typically be only a minute of coverage long, with a maximum of two minutes. If more information about these games are wanted, additional links to TechRaptor articles and appropriate videos/content will be included in the video's description.  The criteria in question is as follows:

  • The game was released in some new form, whether it be to a new platform, or the first time it was released.
  • A significant update to a previous game, that adds new significant content.
  • News worthiness, whether it be a significant sale, or inclusion into the Humble Bundle, etc.
For the starting week of this segment, Shaun Joy (aka Dragnix) takes a look at a variety of Steam games that released, from an early access dinosaur speed platformer which was surprisingly polished and will be worth following throughout the early access process, to a problematic control scheme in a very difficult RTS that may be for the hardcore fans of the genre. In most cases, the game was played enough to get true first impressions, where it was felt that the game had shown off its variety of features and gameplay.

It will be noted when there are situations where that isn't the case, like in the case of the RTS game this week. The initial learning curve and bad control scheme made it extremely difficult to get to deeper into the game. In addition, the Humble Bundle Weekly Brawlers pack was worth taking a look at this week, as even the games that weren't able to make the list have something to offer, like Fist of Jesus.

As the creator of this video, I would love feedback in terms of the idea of this segment, and whether this is something worth continuing on a regular basis. Would you like to see more of this appetizer-like presentation to get an idea what was played during the week? Have you played any of the games in question, and what were your experiences with them?


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