Humble Weekly Sale Update, 21.11.13

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Although belated, here is a quick write up for this weeks Humble Weekly Sale, this will become a weekly article to keep you all up to date on all things Humble.

What is a Humble Weekly Sale? Essentially Humble is a for charity company that provides great bundles, mostly consisting of indie games but sometimes these bundles can be large AAA games, and they always provide these games at a 'pay what you want' level, and if you pay more then the average amount you normally get extra rewards, from more games to soundtracks etc. And more importantly Humble always allow you to decide who gets the money, developers, charity or Humble.




This weeks Humble Weekly Sale is entirely Pinball, that of the relatively small but successful Zen studios. With Pinball tables for FX2 on Steam costing up to £6.99, a pay what you want bundle on these is great for any Pinball fan or anyone who just fancies a bargain for a game that can be very quickly jumped into for a quick game between some work or a less stressful and time consuming game, plus who didn't love playing the Pinball game back in Windows XP?




The games includes are:

Pinball FX2 Core Pack Pinball FX2 Classic Pack Pinball FX2 Earth Defense Table Pinball FX2 Paranormal Table Pinball FX2 Epic Quest Table

But even more fun are the pay above $6 tables which are:

Pinball FX2 Marvel Avengers Chronicles Pack Pinball FX2 Star Wars Pack Pinball FX2 Marvel Pinball Original Pack

All games are Steam codes.




So for $6 you just got a Marvel and Star Wars Pinball game, how awesome is that? If you are a fan of Pinball, Humble or just want some cool games while supporting charity, get yourself this weeks Humble Weekly Bundle before it swaps to another great deal.

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