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Ever wondered what kind of games a red panda that doubled as an engineer would select to play? Wonder no longer, as the Humble Staff Picks Bundle: Nick allows you to grab seven games hand picked by Humble Bundle engineer Nick. As always, Humble Bundle lets you select where your money goes, split between a humble tip, charity, and the developers of the individual games. While you can select what charity you donate to from the Paypal Giving Fund, the two that are getting primary billing this week are AbleGamers and the MS Society of Northern California.

As usual, the bundle is divided into three tiers. The first tier is pay-what-you-want and includes three games. First is Volume, a stealth game by the creator of Thomas Was Alone. In Volume, you'll be sneaking around a VR-like environment to take down an evil corporation and save Britain. You can read our review of the game here. Next up is TIS-100, a hacking puzzle game where you'll be fixing up code of a broken machine so you can unlock its secrets. Finally, you'll also get Legend of Grimrock II, a first person dungeon crawl RPG where you'll assemble a party and traverse through an island to try and find your way off.

The second tier is the beat the average tier and includes three more games. First up is Infinifactory, a sandbox puzzle game where your goal is to build factories that can create products for aliens. The second game is modern day horror MMO The Secret World. Here you'll be joining one of three secret societies and travel around the world fighting threats like zombies, Egyptian gods, horrors from the old world, and whatever new evil is crawling out of Tokyo. Finally, you'll also get Dungeons II, where you'll be managing a dungeon and trying to build it as large as possible while stopping heroes from invading your dungeon and stealing your treasures. The Beat the Average is currently said at $4.02.

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The final tier can be had for the flat price of $14 and only includes one more game. That game is Grim Dawn, a top-down action RPG where you'll be traveling through a dark and horrible world ridding it of monsters. If you want to know more you can read our review of Grim Dawn here.

The Humble Staff Picks Bundle: Nick will be available for the next two weeks.

How do you feel about this bundle? Interested in any of the games? Are you a huge fan of The Secret World like me and excited to see more players get the game? Let us know in the comments!

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