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Humble Bundle's monthly service has offered up another batch of games for subscribers. Including 9 games this month, Humble's Monthly May Bundle runs through a varied list of genres. Humble has also announced the first game for the June Monthly Bundle.

The May Bundle started off with Mad Max, an open world AAA action game based on the film series of the same name. This game was the early sneak peak game, so if you bought the bundle at any point you already had this one ready. You can read our review of Mad Max here.

JumpJet Rex
JumpJet Rex

Following that is Infinifactory, a sandbox puzzle game where you have to build factories to assemble products for aliens. The third game available in the bundle is Crawl, a local multiplayer competitive action game where players take control of monsters and battle over a human so they can escape a dungeon. Notably, Crawl is still in early access. Next up is space shooter Galak-Z: The Dimensional. This SHMUP has players joining a rebellion and fighting against an empire in rather intense space battles. As an added bonus, Galak-Z's free DLC pack, The Void, also launches today.

JumpJet Rex is the next game on the list, a fast-paced platformer where you have to jump and dash through a variety of obstacles. You can read our review of JumpJet Rex if you want. Point and click adventure and horror game Fran Bow is the next game about a young girl searching for her pet cat Mr. Midnight. We have a review of this one as well. Next up is puzzle-platformer Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty. This game is a remake of the beloved classic Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee. Finally, the last game that can be bought off of Steam in the bundle is 1993 Space Machine, a SHMUP that was made in 1993 but never finished. Now it's finally released and available to the public.

Fran Bow skeleton
Fran Bow

The final game available in the Humble Monthly Bundle is the Humble Original: a game made specifically for the Humble Monthly Bundle and not available anywhere else. This month's game is Gunmetal Arcadia Zero, a classic-styled sidescrolling platformer with some RPG elements tossed in and a love of CRT aesthetics developed by Minor Key Games. The bundle also includes the ability to get a 10% discount on Humble Store purchases.

Next month's bundle is already available at the usual price of $12. If you get it now you can already get the preview game which is Rocket League, the ever so popular car soccer game. We have a positive review of it as well and it recently added a new Hoops mode. The rest of the Humble Monthly June Bundle will unlock on the first Friday of June, which is June 3rd.

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