Humble Monthly Bundle for July Games Revealed, Humble August Bundle Preview Shown

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It's the first Friday of a month, so it's time for the Humble Monthly Bundle! This month's bundle has episodic adventure games, early access survival games, a bird simulator, and more!

First, anyone who bought the Humble Monthly Bundle already has likely already been playing the sneak peak game, which is Hurtworld. Hurtworld is a multiplayer open-world survival game still in Early Access that tries to separate itself from the crowd by being far more difficult than the usual survival game.

Sat Reign
Satellite Reign

Moving onto the meat of the bundle, the first game you get is Kentucky Route Zero. This is an episodic adventure game where you travel down a strange highway in Kentucky that has a way of attracting the weirdest people. Following that is Satellite Reign, a spiritual successor to the old Syndicate games. Here you'll control groups of agents from above as they conduct assaults, assassinations, and more in a futuristic city. The next game available is TIS-100. This game is a complicated puzzle game where you must write and rewrite sections of assembly code to repair a broken computer and unlock the secrets inside of it.

The next game available is The Red Solstice. In this game you'll be teaming up with eight players to carry out missions on Mars, requiring tactical and quick thinking to keep yourself from getting killed. You can read our preview of this game here. The last already released game included is Avernum II: Crystal Souls. This game is a fantasy RPG where you'll be exploring a massive underground cave system and taking on quests.

Kentucky Route Zero
Kentucky Route Zero

The next game available is the Humble Monthly Debut, a game that is launching the same day that its available in the bundle. This month's game is Cthulhu Realms, a spin-off of Star Realms and a fast-paced card game where your  goal is to try and drive the opponent insane.

The final game available in this bundle is the Humble Original, a completely unique game that is only available in the Humble Monthly Bundle and nowhere else. This month that game is Copoka, where you play as a small bird that flies around a totalitarian city and watch as things get more restless.

If you're interested in next month's Humble Monthly Bundle then the sneak peak game is already available. Subscribers will get Call of Duty: Black Ops III - Multiplayer Starter Pack, which is the multiplayer component of the latest Call of Duty game spun off into a stand-alone release. The Humble Monthly Bundle costs $12 a month and releases on the first Friday of the month, which will be August 5th for the upcoming bundle.

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