Humble Indie Bundle 12 Deal Roundup

Published: September 11, 2014 11:00 AM /


Techraptor HIB12

The Humble Indie Bundle 12 (Want to find it? Click right here.) is running now! It's been rolling since 2PM EDT yesterday, and will end on September 23rd.  You'll find the list of games after the break. 

Pay What You Want

The first tier of the bundle is whatever price you want! $1 or more is required for Steam keys, though. All games have a DRM free version available.

  • SteamWorld Dig - A modern Metroidvania, SteamWorld Dig puts you in the shoes of Rusty, a robot who inherited his uncle's mine. The soundtrack is included with purchase.
  • Hammerwatch - A co-op focused hack and slash RPG, Hammerwatch allows up to 4 players to travel to the top of the castle. Steam workshop is available, allowing creation of custom levels. Online, local, and singleplayer play are available, too! The soundtrack is included with purchase.
  • Gunpoint - A 2D stealth game, Gunpoint allows you to rewire buildings, making it possible for you to sneak past guards. It's a shorter game, clocking in at around 3-4 hours. Steam Workshop is available, though, and a good deal of levels are ready to check out.
Beat The Average ($7.91 at time of writing. Poised to hit $8 or above in the next 24 hours.)

The second tier of the bundle! The price of this tier fluctuates, as it's the average people have paid. Yet again, all games have a DRM free version available.

  • Papers, Please - A game set in a dystopian country, Papers Please has you play as an immigration officer for the nation of Arstotzka. You'll have to watch for tricks such as fake passports, and also deal with feeding your own family.
  • LUFTRAUSERS - A fast paced arcade shooter, Luftrausers is a game that features high amounts of customization. The soundtrack will change with your ship as well. The soundtrack is included with purchase.
  • Gone Home - An adventure game where you explore your home. The soundtrack is included with purchase.
  • More games are coming soon! On September 16th at 2PM EDT, more games will be added to the bundle for beat the average owners!
$10 or more!


  • Prison Architect (Early Access) - A prison builder, currently in early access.

$65 or more!

  • Humble Indie Bundle 12 entertainment system - A Humble Bundle megapack! It includes a t-shirt, floppy disc, soundtrack vinyl, Humble Bundle pins, and more!

And for the moment, that's the Humble Indie Bundle 12! It is worth noting that more games will be added on the 16th, so keep your eye out!

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