Humble GameMaker Bundle Provides Engine and 9 Games

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Humble Game Maker Bundle

If you've ever thought about looking at making games or wondered what games an engine helps make, the Humble GameMaker Bundle might just be for you. This bundle is all about the GameMaker engine by YoYo Games and several of the games it has powered over the years.

First up to note here is that this is the 1.4 version of the engine - not the new GameMaker 2.0 Engine. However, having versions of the 1.4 engine does make you eligible, through the end of August, for upgrade discounts of 40% or more on versions of the new engine, making it cheaper to get that if you decide you want to upgrade or were looking for a discount on the 2.0 engine. We confirmed this with YoYo games who said,

"If you buy the Humble Bundle GMS 1 you’ll be able to upgrade to the permanent GMS2 products for 40% discount until the end of August. They also keep their 1.4 license, it’s not lost when they upgrade.”
With that out of the way, let's take a look at the Humble GameMaker Bundle tiers.

Pay What You Want

  • GameMaker Studio Pro - the engine in question, this is the complete PC version of the engine used for various games including Nuclear ThroneHotline MiamiUndertaleSpelunky, and many more.
  • Cook, Serve, Delicious - the highly regarded restaurant/cooking sim from 2013, it also comes with the free Battle Kitchen update!
  • Uncanny Valley - a survival horror experience that we previously reviewed, with our reviewer giving it a 7 out of 10.
  • Ink - a small 2D platformer that boasts really good user reviews on Steam.
  • Shep Hard - an extreme herding game that was developed originally in a 2013 game jam. You also get the source code to it!
  • Angry Chicken: Egg Madness! - a little arcadey game built around the idea of catching all the eggs in one basket - and you also get the source code to this one.
  • Source code for Extreme Burger Defense and Freeway Mutant.
Beat the Average
  • HTML 5 Module - this lets you create games for HTML 5 (web browsers) with GameMaker.
  • Home - a small horror adventure game that is generally liked for its variety of endings.
  • Solstice - a visual novel styled murder mystery game set in a dystopian setting.
  • Galactic Missile Defense - A Missile Command inspired game where you defend the Earth from Martians. Also, comes with source code.
  • Source code for Cook, Serve, DeliciousInkUncanny Valley, and 10 Second Ninja
Pay $15 or More
  • Android, iOS, and UWP modules - this lets you export your games to mobile devices and as a UWP program for Windows 10
  • Flop Rocket - an arcadey space flight game where you pilot your rocket avoiding people and hazards. Also, comes with source code.
  • Source code for Home and Solstice
Some of you by now may be wondering, "haven't I seen this before", and the answer is yes. This is being dubbed a Humble Re-Bundle with the same things as last year's Humble GameMaker Bundle had. That includes the 10 Second Ninja X GameMaker EditionExtreme Burger Defense, and Freeway Mutant, for free for everyone, and 40% off the full version of 10 Second Ninja X.

The Humble GameMaker Bundle will be available for two weeks. If you're wanting to look at Unity or Unreal, there is also a Humble Book Bundle that helps teach those engines. The Humble Saint Row Bundle is also running for another week, worth checking out if you're waiting for the follow-up Agents of Mayhem, which recently released a new trailer.

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