Humble E3 2017 Bundle Includes Many Free to Play Perks

Published: June 11, 2017 3:30 PM /


Humble E3 Digital Ticket

Every year around E3 Humble Bundle puts out a special bundle just for that. This year we get the Humble E3 2017 Digital Ticket Bundle, which has a few games and many currencies for free to play games. This bundle lacks the normal option to select which charity you are supporting or the normal slider set up, instead having only two options to set the sliders on ,the ESA Foundation and the E3 Elves. The E3 Elves is supporting the organizations who are making this bundle happen in Humble, the ESA, and Twitch, while the ESA Foundation is a charity that was created by the ESA back in 2000 that provides grants to different charities, provides scholarships and other charitable works.

To start off, there are some free stuff you can grab with the bundle. This includes two demos: one for upcoming indie top-down shooter Tower 57, and one for 3D point and click adventure game Silence. You also get a 50% off coupon for Silence, a 40% off coupon for Styx: Shards of Darkness, and either a 60% or 50% coupon for Tyranny, depending on which version you feel like buying.

The first tier is only going for a single dollar, and only comes with one game. The game is Gemini: Heroes Reborn, a first person game where you need to use your telekinetic powers to solve puzzles and fight enemies. You can read our review of the game here. While this may be the only game you get, there is a bunch of free to play currencies and rewards, which are as follows:

The second tier, which requires you to beat the average, also only comes with one game. This time it's XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Edition, a turn-based strategy game where you need to build a base and fight off aliens with soldiers and smart tactics. Like before there is also various free to play games with perks available at this level. The final tier is available for anyone paying $15 or more and it includes three games. The first is HackyZack, a 2D puzzle platformer where you need to juggle a ball through the level. The second game is Verdun, a World War 1 multiplayer first person shooter. Finally, you'll get Pac-Man Championship Edition 2, the sequel to the surprisingly popular Pac-Man variation. Naturally, there's also some DLC included as well. The Humble E3 2017 Digital Ticket Bundle will be running for about a week, though it does note some supplies are limited so if you want everything you should grab it quickly. If this bundle isn't doing it for you, there's still many other Humble Bundles running, including the Humble Adult Swim Bundle, the Humble Oceans Day Bundle, and the Humble Sekai Project Bundle.

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